Making Better IT Decisions

3 Skills


In this digital age, one of the most important investments an organization can make is in Information Technology. Decisions involving what kind of system to put in place and when can sometimes make or break an organization, the right decision catapulting it to greatness and the wrong one causing it to plummet to obscurity. It is not enough for managers to simply rely on the recommendations of IT experts, he should also have a basis for his decisions.
To be effective, every manager  should at least have these three skills in order for him to effectively do his job:


  • Technical Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Conceptual Skills


Technical Skills.
While not every manager is expected to have the technical knowhow to discuss and weigh IT options on his own, nevertheless, he should have at least a general idea  of what the system is supposed to do and what it can actually do so he can decide for himself on whether or not to implement a particular system, to what extent, and when it should be implemented. There are comprehensive and modular ERPs available on the market that could overhaul the entire IT system of an organization or only a small part thereof, depending on the needs of the particular organization and its available funds. A manager needs to be able to understand the technical aspect of these systems in order to make objective decisions.
Analytical Skills.
An effective manager needs to be able to analyze problems and formulate solutions to address these problems. In management, this is defined as the ability to break problems down into parts in order to see relationships or interdependencies. These managers tend to plan well and lead projects successfully by accurately forecasting financial results and develop plans to meet goals and objectives. Seemingly insurmountable problems can be tackled piece by piece, with a person overlooking the whole operation, instead of being met headon. A manager needs to be able to analyze business processes and assess what information technology requirements can be used to solve inadequacies in these processes.
Conceptual Skills.
Managers need to be able to grasp the entire concept, seeing the forest not just the trees. An effective manager needs to be able to see the big picture by seeing the enterprise as a whole, seeing past the myriad parts that make up the entirety, so he can effectively supervise what needs to be done and where, in order to achieve the goals set for the organization.

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